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An innovative mining start-up

End-to-End Strategies From Mine to Market

NUNUK RAGANG SANDS & MINERALS Sdn Bhd (202101041176) is a subsidiary of Majawit & Co established to help both our buy and sell-side clients navigate administrative, logistical, financial and sometimes political challenges involved in sourcing and extraction of raw materials to its final customer deliveries locally and overseas.

Our team of internal and external specialists work together to provide end-to-end solution for clients seeking to buy, sell, trade, process and operate silica, sand and iron-ore …


Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is one of the priorities within Nunuk Ragang Sands & Minerals Sdn Bhd. We are conscious of the kind of impact our activities have on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental issues, especially those impacting children. 

We’ve outlined potential activities that we will undertake that will have direct benefits to local communities in Pahang starting with the items below. We encourage you to write in with your suggestions.

We Are Hiring

(Based in K.L, Kuantan, Endau-Rompin and Pekan Pahang)

Send your CV to 
careers [at] nunuk-ragang.com

Strategic Partners

Notice / 注意:

Beware of individuals or companies who are in possession of any official documents and/or claiming to be agents or representatives of Nunuk Ragang Sands & Minerals Sdn Bhd.

If you encounter any such individuals or organizations, we highly recommend asking for documentary proof of their relationship with us. All our partners are provided with one.

Alternatively, you may email us at inquiries@nunuk-ragang.com with the subject line “Verify Agents/Reps” to confirm their authenticity should any doubts arise.


谨防持有任何官方文件或声称是 Nunuk Ragang Sands & Minerals Sdn Bhd 的代理人或代表的个人或公司。


或者,您可以发送电子邮件至inquiries@nunuk-ragang.com,主题为“Verify Agents/Reps”,以在出现任何疑问时确认其真实性。